With a desire to build a creative space, I have set up my own darkroom - a space dedicated to research, dialogue and experimentation.

My passion, sensibility, and dedication to the darkroom have always been essential to my process and archive. This artisanal craft, while increasingly challenging to master, remains cardinal to those who thoroughly value their artwork.

Film photography is honest, an authentic manifestation of feelings, an organic and visceral relationship between the image captured in time, a stubborn expression of the spirit and its medium, the camera.

The process culminates with a traditional hand print which is inherently unique, even when reproduced in multiple copies because the human touch, imperfect yet harmonious, imbues it with significance and soul. These subtle imperfections become the distinctive signature of the artwork. In a world that often trends towards uniformity, there is no greater satisfaction than crafting a one-of-a-kind, tangible print.

Traditional hand print from film offers a distinct quality known for its richness, depth of light, and volume in both black and white and colour. All processes are exclusively performed by hand, from development to the final print, without the aid of automation.

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